Do you work with my insurance company directly?
Yes, we will bill the insurance company and the only thing you are responsible for paying is your deductible. However our focus is you, the homeowner, not the insurance company, and we will work on your behalf to reduce any deductible as much as possible. We deal with multiple insurance companies covering Long Island on a regular basis, and can help you submit your claim in the most favorable way.

Do you do the repairs as well as water cleanup?
Yes, Enviral Restoration is a full service water restoration company with professionals who take care of the water clean-up and damage, but also has a team to fully complete the water restoration and reconstruction.

What should I do after a flood, sewage or water leak?
The first thing you should do is contact Enviral Restoration ASAP. We can arrive in most boroughs within the hour, and help stop the situation getting any worse. You (and us) need to act fast, since mold begins to grow after only a few hours. The water damage industry recommends resolving most water issues within 48 hours otherwise there is a high potential for mold growth, which will make a bad situation worse.

What does the water damage restoration process involve?
Enviral Restoration will first inspect the area and attempt to stop the water leak from creating any more flood damage. This is why it is so important to act fast, as we can stabilize the situation quickly. Once the flooding has been stopped, the water can be pumped out with a variety of water extraction pumps to remove any standing water. After the bulk of the water has been removed, the drying process can start with dehumidifiers and air-moving fans. When the area is dry, the air is tested to make sure the problem is resolved and all moisture and any mold spores have been removed.

Why does my house smell bad after water damage?
After water comes into a home, the humidity is much higher than normal levels, and materials that normally are not designed to get wet, get soaked. The additional moisture can cause bacteria and mold to grow, which cause a bad smell. As part of our service, we will test, find the source of the smell and remediate it. After the water damage restoration work is complete, there should not be any type of smell left.