Enviral Fire and Water Restoration services cover all emergency damage situations in and around Long Island, NY.

Our Water Damage Cleanup services include:

Structural Drying
The key to any restoration project is the proper drying of the structure. Structural drying can save time and large amounts of resources in the restoration phase.

Water Damage Restoration
When we are done with a project, our goal is to have restored the structure to its pre-loss condition, not just to hide the damage. You should settle for nothing less.

Contents Cleaning and Restoration
Often times after a loss, be it fire or flood there is always the question of contents. Do we toss them or salvage them? At Enviral Restorations we are capable of restoring and salvaging most contents affected in a fire or floods.

Contents Storage and Inventory
After a loss there are so many issues to deal with and so many task to accomplish. Enviral Restoration offers an inventory, packing, moving and storage service. Let us take over this time consuming process, we also provide the insurance company with list of damaged contents and are capable of storing all of your contents in our climate controlled secured facility in Bohemia.

Fire Restoration
Not all smoke damages are the same and each type brings about different conditions that must be dealt with accurately in the property restoration process. Enviral Restoration believes in source-odor removal as the primary method for odor control.Our experience and training gives us the confidence to offer a no-smoke odor guarantee for any structure or its contents that are restored by Enviral Restoration according to our specifications.

Home Mold Inspection and Mold Removal
If you have discovered mold on your property and need it removed as soon as possible, call us today, We offer FREE mold inspection for home owners, professional analysis and removal recommendations. We guarantee 100% mold removal with permanent mold decontamination and removal.

Carpet Cleaning
As part of any fire or water damage restoration, soil removal is one of most important aspects in restoring your carpets and rugs. There are many different compositions of soil water- soluble contaminants and oil based. These must be identified in order to properly clean the carpeting, and we follow with a thorough cleaning service on carpets, upholstery and fine rugs.

Sewage Cleanup and Remediation
We provide cleaning and restoration of sewage backup and will rebuild and repaint to remove all signs of damage. When our specialist comes to your home because of a broken sewer pipe, you can expect a total cleansing and disinfecting, mold, mildew and odor removal, and of course professional and courteous service.

For all your smoke, fire and water damage restoration service questions, contact us today.

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