Common Flooding Repairs Needed in Medford NY

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Medford in New York is an area needing flooding repairs more often than other areas. Its location in Suffolk County on Long Island is frequently buffeted by heavy rains and storms.

Storm and Snow Storm Flooding

In fact not just rain, but frequent snowstorms affect Long Island as well. Earlier this year there was a particularly strong snow storm that affected the Tri-State Area. Suffolk County declared a state of emergency with a blizzard warning in effect for both Nassau and Suffolk counties (a blizzard lasts longer than three hours and involves wind of at least 35 miles per hour).

Storm damage can lead to flooding by roof tiles being ripped off or windows broken, or storm drains being blocked. In contrast flooding caused by ice and snow is not so immediate, and the damage occurs as frozen pipes burst and then defrost. Sometimes it is not immediately apparent until somebody goes down the stairs in to the basement to discover the basement is flooded.

Snow Storm – Long Island, New York 2017

Flooding Repairs

The flooding repairs needed depend on the source of the water, if due to a storm drain blockage, the priority is to clean out the drain. Similarly a burst pipe needs to be fixed by immediately turning off the water, and then having a plumber repair or replace the pipe. Call the flooding experts at Enviral Restoration for immediate help in Medford NY.

But that is only part of the repair, because the water damage must be taken care of as well. There are several stages to this, and fast action is needed to prevent mold growth and further damage. Water need to be extracted with the use of truck mounted or submersible pumps. If water has penetrated and been absorbed into drywall, then often it is best repaired by removing the soaked section and replacing it later. If the walls are damp but not soaked, then drying equipment like heaters, air movers and blowers can help dry the damaged area out. A combination of heat and air moving over wet areas is the best way to dry out a damp area.

Once the area has been thoroughly dried out, the damaged walls can be replaced. If a whole drywall panel was removed, new sheetrock is screwed back. If just the lower section was damaged, then the drywall can be sawed off at the bottom and the affected sections replaced. In all cases, drywall repairs are jointed and sealed before painting to make as good as new.

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