Flooded Basement

basement with flood waterIf you arrive home after work and find a flooded basement, then quick action is needed to pump water out of the basement, because the quicker standing water gets a cleanup and damage repair, the less water damage in the basement will happen with subsequent mold growth.

Stop the flood in the basement in 45 minutes
flooded-basement-cleanupThe basement flood cleanup process starts with immediate action to stop water flooding in. The faster a technician can arrive to stop the ingress of water the better. Most common in Long Island are frozen pipes which burst, and water needs to be turned off as soon as possible to limit the flooding damage. Being based in Bohemia, NY we are well located to be able to reach most properties on Long Island in 45 minutes, to stop the flooding and for a free on-site estimate of the water damage. The number one priority when responding to flood damage is to locate the water intrusion and to correct the water source in order to prevent any further damage. If you cannot stop the leak it is imperative to get help immediately. The ultimate goal is to prevent any further structural damage.

Damage Repair & Cleanup

Once the water has been stopped from coming in, removing the bulk of the water from the basement can begin. We use truck mounted equipment and submersible pumps to extract the water from a flooding basement. Upon arrival, the technicians will assess the problem. With the help of moisture reading equipment and moisture mapping the mitigation technician can properly put in place a drying protocol. They need to know exactly how much damage the flood water has caused to the structure.
Generally the clean up and restoration process will begin with locating the source, removing damaged materials, and applying an anti-microbial treatment for mold prevention. Mold can cause serious breathing / respiratory problems. This is the purpose of applying the anti-microbial treatment solution. The structural drying process will include industrial fans designed to force air behind tight spaces to aid in ventilation and a quick drying time; other drying methods may include dehumidifiers and air movers. These two tools are used to keep down high moisture levels that can otherwise damage a building structure. The goal is to cleanup the water damage, and repair it to pre-loss condition.

We Bill Your Insurance with No out of pocket expenses

When it comes to claiming on your insurance for a basement flooding repair, it is important to understand who works for who. We work for you , the homeowner, not for the insurance loss adjusters, so we are able to make sure the flooded basement cleanup is done properly, and not as fast as possible to minimize the cost of an insurance claim. Our goal is for you to have no out of pocket expenses associated with the flooding. Understanding the insurance restoration process allows us to mitigate any type of loss and restore your property to a pre loss state. With a team of tradesmen and seasoned technicians we treat each loss with the individual care of the insured’s needs for any flooded basement clean up.

When dealing with the insurance company it is beneficial to take advantage of direct billing. By using direct billing you can simplify the claims process by allowing the insurance restoration company to negotiate a reasonable settlement all while taking care of much needed repairs. Direct billing will also allow us to focus our full attention on the basement flooding cleanup and allows you to get back to living your life.

No one wants to deal with water in the basement, flood damage and the aftermath. Working with an expert basement water removal service here and restoration company makes a huge difference in restoring your home after a basement flood.