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Common Flooding Repairs Needed in Medford NY

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Medford in New York is an area needing flooding repairs more often than other areas. Its location in Suffolk County on Long Island is frequently buffeted by heavy rains and storms. Storm and Snow Storm Flooding In fact not just rain, but frequent snowstorms affect Long Island as well. Earlier this year there was a particularly strong snow storm that affected the Tri-State Area. Suffolk County declared a state of emergency with a blizzard warning in effect for both Nassau and Suffolk counties Continue Reading ...

Water Damage to Wood Floors and Laminate Floors

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Wood Flooring Repair due to Water Damage A wood floor can be damaged quickly if an issue has taken place where water is all over the place. Where water has been sitting on a wood floor for longer than a few hours then severe damage can take place. Wood is naturally absorbent and despite varnish and stains, there are lots of areas for water to be absorbed. As wood takes in water it broadens and triggers fractures, crowning and buckling of panels. The impacts on laminate flooring are much more Continue Reading ...

Contact Mold Remediation Services ASAP

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Water damage and mold, one of the more serious disasters inside a home, could cause all sorts of major problems. Why is immediate attention of your water damage restoration team needed? Apart from water damage and mold generally, the biggest reason will be because of the mold that can quickly begin to grow and spread. Mold is incredibly common when you're talking water damage, plus it appears typically within 24 to 48 hours of water damage having occurred. This mold spreads and grows quickly, Continue Reading ...

Inexpensive Home Mold Testing

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If you are wondering about air quality inspections to ensure your home is free of mold, then you have a couple of different routes. Sometimes insurers and banks may requite additional testing before releasing funds and you may be looking for different options. Professional air quality state certified inspectors can inspect your whole house for mold spores, this will be the highest level of service, but you can expect to pay around $100 per room for the test procedure. In a 10 room home, that Continue Reading ...


Flood Cleanup Service

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Long Island by its very nature is exposed to potential flooding from many sources. First due to rain; Normal average rainfall for Bridgehampton, Long Island is 50.1 inches and for Brookhaven, Long Island is 49.9 inches, with an average around 110 days of precipitation. However depending on the source of rain, that actual amount can vary widely. During the summer (say April through September) rainfall comes mainly from weather fronts moving across, and in particular storms and hurricanes Continue Reading ...

A Frozen Water Pipe Burst Can Cause Flooding

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Sometimes something as simple as a burst pipe can cause major water damage in a home or business. Cold water pipes are connected to the mains supply pressure, and if a pipe splits then high pressure water can soon flood an enclosed area. Frozen Pipes In areas like our own in Long Island, winters bring freezing weather, often accompanied by snow and ice. If a water line of length of pipe contains standing water, then it is at risk from freezing in sub zero temperatures. Many pipes have Continue Reading ...

Insurance Questions After a Loss

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Independent Restoration Companies vs. Insurance Company Vendors - who To Use After a Loss ? The first action after an emergency any homeowner should take is to contact a restoration company. The next would be to contact your insurance carrier. Contrary to popular belief, mitigating the loss whether it is fire, flood or sewer back up, it is the sole responsibility of the insured. The insured and the restoration company are the first line of defense in preventing further damage from Continue Reading ...